Inspiration Time podcast |The believer unbeliever syndrome

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Inspiration Time podcast |The believer unbeliever syndrome

The proof of our believe in God is not just in what we say, but in what we do. This sermon highlights one of the major problems in the Church arena today, which is to do with lack of true belief and understanding of the true purpose of salvation. I hope you will be both inspired and blessed from listening to it.

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Pastor Joyce

Pastor Joyce is a distinctly vibrant and passionate preacher of the Word of God in its undiluted form. In her unique way, this God fearing woman of God is committed to reaching out and impacting lives wherever she goes to the glory of God. Pastor Joyce is a lover of God, a graduate of Law (LLB Hon) and is an inspiring writer of many Christian Articles. She is a Fiery Faith Believer in the Healing Power of the Blood of Jesus and testifies. Her passion is to spread the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the world sharing the love of God and has been on several missions abroad over the years. Pastor Joyce currently sits as Chairperson of the Board of Trustee and a joint coordinator of our evangelism outreach work. Her ultimate goal is to serve God in spirit and truth, also fulfil her purpose of yielding a great harvest for the Kingdom of God and to His glory.

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