Meeting Place

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Meeting Place

"And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the Testimony, about everything which I will give you in commandment to the children of Israel".

Exodus 25:22 NKJV
There is a meeting place that He provided where He meets with you to speak with you, to fellowship and commune with you, to instruct you in that which you will go tell His people and the world. It's a place of deep intimacy, aloneness with Him, a place of revelation. That is where Moses was instructed about the commandments to give to the Children of Israel.

These meetings between Yahweh and Moses took place at the Mercy seat on the basis of the blood of animals but when Jesus the Christ was crucified, died, was buried and on the third day rose again from the grave. He ascended to heaven, took His Blood and placed it on the Mercy seat in the heavenly terbanacle once and for all, fulfilling His duty as our High Priest. When He did that every demand of justice from ages past was satisfied and the Father sent the Holy Spirit; comforter, helper, teacher, the Spirit of Truth. The beauty of Jesus placing His Blood on the Mercy seat is that it was done once and for all. He does not have to keep shedding His Blood. So now the way into that meeting place is open. You do not have to stay outside in the outer court, you can go into that place and meet with the Creator of the Universe, Your Father and my Father and commune and bring sacrifices and offerings of thanksgiving, praise and worship in His Presence. There is no longer need to sacrifice animals, chickens, pigeons etc to get blood for atoning your sins. No and No. The Blood of Jesus has already done that.

All you have to do is come in humbleness and sincerity before Him, acknowledge your sins and ask Him to forgive and cleanse you. The Bible declares that "the Blood of Jesus speaks a better word for us"; that we are accepted in the beloved, that we have been made His righteousness in Christ Jesus, that we are more than conquerors, that we are blessed in the city and in the country, that we have the right to be called the sons of God etc I don't know what blood you have shed in the past or you are being asked to shed for one reason or another. I don't know what meeting places you have been so hoping to meet Him yet you didn't because there was no change for good that took place. The Creator of heaven and earth invites you to a meeting place at His Mercy seat, which once you have been to, your life can never be the same. It's the Only place- His Mercy seat that you can have a life-changing encounter that is untainted. It's the Only place you will find forgiveness of sin and a breaking off of curses, nowhere else. Not in a babalawo's shrine, or a road junction or a ritualistic bath in a river. It's Only at the Mercy seat where the Blood of Jesus speaks a better Word for you.

What an invite by the Almighty God. I urge you not to ignore or miss it.

Be blessed

Pastor JB.

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Pastor Jacque Bweyame

Pastor Jacque Bweyame is a passionate savant of God who is always readily willing to serve in the vineyard of God to the glory of God. Pastor Bweyame is a nurse by profession and with a big caring heart, she is always dedicated to reaching out and supporting those that are in need. She is an active member of our international mission work projects, and she has been on several missions abroad. Pastor Bweyame’s priority in life is to reach out and continually populate the Kingdom of God with plentiful harvests to the glory of God.

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