Pastor Olabisi

Pastor Olabisi

Pastor Olabisi was a mother, Senior Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet,Teacher, Psalmist, Author, Writer, Publisher and a Housing Practitioner.

She set up Encouraged by God as a means of encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christians everywhere.


Lived and died in Christ, 06 October 2016, aged 49 years old.

'Whose Side Are You On'

'Whose Side Are You On'

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Whose Side Are You On?

The world is a world of Word and opposites and every human being in the world is a spirit being. Believe it or not, human beings are not just physical beings but spirit beings. The main being is actually the spirit being and the spirit being as the main being will exist forever either in the heavenly kingdom of God or in the hellish realm of darkness depending on whose side the spirit man became established in whist existing in the world (Revelation 20:12-15). Every human being as a spirit being in the world is either rooted in a spiritual foundation of the Word or in the opposite. Those who are not in the Word are automatically in the opposite. The opposite of the Word is lies. The opposite of truth is lies. The opposite of light is darkness. The opposite of good is evil. The opposite of righteousness is sinfulness. The opposite of life is death and the opposite of faith is fear.

The Word is Christ (John 1:1-14). As the Word manifested in the flesh, He is the only truth (John 14:6). As truth He is light of the world (John 8:12). As light, He is resurrection and life itself (John 11:25-26). As life itself, He is righteousness (Jeremiah 23:5-6). As righteousness and Resurrection itself, He is the only one that can save man from sin, and raise man from death, which is the consequence of sin back to life (Acts 10-12). As the Word, Truth, Light, Resurrection, Life and Righteousness itself, He is the mercy and goodness of God manifested in the flesh. As goodness and mercy of God manifested in the flesh, He is the author and finisher of faith and God's only approved pathway for man to reconcile back with His Holy Spirit (Hebrews 12:1-2, 2 Corinthians 5:17-21).

The opposite of the Word is Satan. The main weapon of Satan as a chief spirit of the world of sin is fear. Satan primarily uses fear to deny man the benefit that man has in Christ of engaging in genuine peaceful relationship walk of faith with God from beginning to end for the eternal goodness of our soul. Satan as a spirit of opposition is a rebellious, lawless, promiscuous, anti-righteousness, and terrible stubborn goaty evil spirit. Satan as an evil spirit incites man to rebel against God through his deceptive tactics. Satan's number one goal is to do with ensuring that man remains a partaker of the judgement of sin that is upon his head through use of deception and lies, which he labels as truth to deceive and confuse man with (Revelation 12:7-12). Those that are possessed by the devil are spiritually dead, and as dead souls engineered by Satan to be automatically offended by the truth. The spiritually dead man walking is not only engineered to be offended and irritated by the truth, but also tasked by the chief opposition spirit with the burden to arrogantly attack the truth whenever he hears it with nothing but the lies embedded in his soul, which he is regulated to stubbornly believe in as the truth.

The fact of the matter however, is that the offensive ways of man towards the truth, which is engineered by Satan the chief rebellion and spirit of opposition does not change the position of the truth. The truth as King of kings is the Sovereign ruler of the universe and the opposition is nothing but a disgraced outcast fallen angel. The chief heads gang of the opposition party are all a bunch of corrupt fallen angels headed by Satan. And their primary goal is to deceive man into rejecting the truth and believing in their lies, which they have labeled as truth.

The truth as the only one with the Sovereign governing power and authority is infallible, infinite, unchanging and incorruptible. Therefore, the corruption and confusions beliefs of man does not change the truth from who He is and always shall be. The opposition and rejection of the truth by the dead man walking can only work to affirm the already dead spirit man further in the graveyard of death. The opinions of man about Christ the King of kings cannot change Christ's position as truth or His divine deity from incorruptible to corruptible. Christ does not require man's authentication or validation to be who He is, but man needs Christ's atonement holy blood of authentication and justifications validations in order to resurrect from death, become a living soul and reconcile with the Holy Spirit of God. The sinful position of man and the oblivious bondage predicament that he is in with Satan can only be changed through the salvation and graceful redemption power of Christ who as truth, is man's only Messiah and chance of attaining total deliverance from all opposition tightening rope of bondage.

Christ as truth and man's only means of having eternal life remains the only truth no matter the opinion of man. Therefore, to reject Christ is to remain firmly tightened by the ropes of wicked lies that are used by evil satanic gang to keep man in their bondage arena of the opposite. The opposition is nothing but a liar and the flesh, which is by nature sinful and anti-righteousness always loves lies and hates the truth, The truth of course hurts the flesh but it leaves an eternal life sweetness in the soul. Lies sweetens the flesh but it gives a terrible bitter dead end result for the soul. Lies binds but truth liberates. Lies kills but truth saves. Lies destroys but truth builds. Lies is hatred but truth is love. Lies deceives but truth never lies. The opposite, which is Satan is powerless against the truth. Satan as a liar is terribly afraid of the truth because he knows that only the truth, which is Christ can set man free. And this is why he constantly inundates the world with mind blinding lies in order to deeply blindfold and confuse man from seeing Christ as the truth.

Christ as the truth is the love of God manifested to mankind. God is love and LOVE is God (1 John 4:8-11). And the height of His demonstrated love for us is in the the form of giving us Christ as His sinless holy body to die for as as the sinful so that we can through Christ sinless nature overcome the flesh, which is the body of sin and also consequences of sin for the soul, which is death. The end times desperate game plan of Satan as the opposition and spirit of hatred itself, is of course mainly to do with confusing man through his wicked cunningly devise deception tactics that love is actually hatred and that hatred is love. Love as God is Holiness itself and anything that is deemed to be unholy or ungodly by God can never amount to an act of love in the reality sense of life. The message of truth is a message of love and not of hate. The message of truth as Satan would rather have the entire human race believe is not a fear tactic but the truthful Good News that man needs to hear and embrace with gladness and joy in order to become saved and be set free from the entire regimental dark forces of spirits of lairs. The message of truth is not a mythological or delusional idea cooked up by some bunch of twisted minded people as the devil desperately wants you to believe. Satan is nothing but a cheap wicked liar and he knows that your only means of attaining freedom from his bondage regiment of darkness is by the redemption power of the truth and the truth of course remains Christ. Satan as a cheap liar is a terrible violent, war oriented blood thirsty and, flesh eating cannibalistic fallen angel. He possesses the dead man walking and uses them as his hunting weaponry. Satan's main priority is to keep the already spiritually dead man bound in sin through lies and fear tactics, so that he can continue to feast on the dead flesh like the vulture bird. Satan uses extremely strategic targeted fear tactics to keep the oblivious physical dead man walking that is already spiritually dead in sin to be in continuous walk of fear of death knowing for a fact that through fear, man can never faithfully walk in obedience towards God. Disobedience towards God is sin and God as the ultimate and Sovereign ruler of all is the only one that has the power to destroy the entire existence component of a being namely body, spirit, mind, heart and soul (Matthew 10:28). God of course is lovingly merciful and not merciless in His judgement. As demonstration of His mercy and love for mankind and, to save man from His judgement wrath, He took the blame for our sins through the giving of His sinless body in the form of the Person of Christ to be the propitiation for our sins (John 3:16-17, 1 John 3:16 & 4:8-11). Satan's applies his fear tactics in order to deny mankind the benefit of the merciful grace God demonstrated for us through the Person of Christ. Fear as a terrible weapon used by Satan is an oppressive weapon he makes use of for the sake of intimidating the disciples of Christ from spreading the Good News of Christ as the only truth in the world. The opposite of fear is faith. And by grace of Christ who as author and finisher of faith has begotten us again into a lively hope of eternal life through his redemption power as the resurrection and life itself, Satan's entire mind blowing, soul devastating wicked weapons of fear will continue to amount to nothing against the living souls in Christ.

The message of truth as revelation knowledge of life and only message of righteousness that man needs to hear and, humbly embrace in order to get saved from the wicked gangs of evil headed by Satan is the only message that Satan has a big problem with. In his desperate attempt to halt the followers of Christ from spreading the Good News of Christ as Resurrection and life itself to mankind across the world, Satan throughout the ages of time has been through his possessed human cohorts targeting believers of Christ to brutally murder and persecute them simply for their belief in Christ. However, despite his desperate attempts to deny man the knowledge of true faith through his orchestrated wicked fear tactics of merciless killings and targeted violent persecutions against the believers of Christ, the message of the Gospel as it is foreordained by God is continually spreading across the world and many souls are daily genuinely overcoming Satan through the surrendering of their life to Jesus Christ. The followers of Christ who as living souls are blessed by God with a heart to love in the divine sense are full of understanding of the fact that the physical man is not the main being. The physical man as a temporary being will return back to the dust God formed the body from but the spirit man as the main being that exists forever be it in life or death will return back to God to give account and face judgement (Ecclesiastes 12: 7).

The only way of avoiding the judgement wrath of God at the end of earthly journey is by embracing His gesture of mercy to us in the form of Person of Christ in our here and now existence. It is only by embracing Christ as proof of His grace and mercy that we can can evidence active demonstration of obedience and total surrender to His Word and avoid His judgement wrath. His Word made flesh is Christ and those who are in Christ have overcome Satan, the world of sin and all the wickedness therein. The followers of Christ as living souls in Christ are alive in Him forever. The world can of course kill the outer body, which is dust but cannot kill the soul, which in Christ is protected by the light of His glory. The redeemed in Christ in full confidence of the resurrection power of Christ, has consistently sacrificed their lives for the cause of the Gospel and they love their lives, not unto death (Revelation 12:11). They know that as long as they remain in oneness with Christ who overcame the grave as resurrection and life itself, they will remain in Christ eternally victorious against death and the entire spirits of death headed by Satan as the spirit of death itself. Through the revelation knowledge that we have in Christ, the redeemed are not living in confusions of principalities but in the clear understanding of the principles of life as foreordained by God. The redeemed souls in Christ has clear understanding of the fact that life is eternal and not just a matter of here and now. The determination of life and death in the eternal context is not a matter of the natural state of the physical man but the state of the soul man. The redeemed in the assurances of lively hope of eternal life in Christ and in full awakening in his or her soul in oneness with Christ who is life itself lives in full confidence of the resurrection power of Christ. The redeemed in confidence of the resurrection power of Christ has throughout the ages of time continued to boldly declare the Gospel truth in the world that Christ as the truth is the only way for man to have salvation from sins and redemption from death. The fear tactics of Satan cannot work against the redeemed in Christ because the redeemed by the resurrection power, and atonement blood of Jesus Christ is assured of eternal life in Christ to the glory of God (Revelation 12:11). Even though the devilishly possessed in their wicked aim of preventing the truth from spreading are consistently bent on killing the outer layer body, the spirit man of the redeemed is not touched by their wicked antics. The redeem lives forever in Christ and even though the outer layer man will die, the soul as a living soul in Christ lives forever and can never die!

As hash as it might sound to the flesh ears, the truth of the matter is if you have read this far and you are yet to surrender your life to Christ who is the truth, then you are automatically spiritually dead and buried in the bondage world of the opposite of the Word, which is Satan. Christ as the truth is calling you today if you are yet to accept Him as your personal LORD and Saviour. He alone as truth can save you and set you free from every worldly centred opposing satanic wicked opposition tactics targeted at destroying your soul permanently. Today, you can crucify your flesh which is the doorway access point for Satan and shut the door on his face permanently by inviting Christ as truth into your life to come and be your door of protection and holy Shepherd with this simple prayer:

LORD Jesus, I admit I am a sinner and I repent from my sins in this day and desire to sin no more. I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that You are the only begotten Son of God and, that You died for me on the cross and resurrected as the Resurrection itself on the third day. I invite You in this day into my life to come and be my personal LORD and Saviour. I receive from You in this day the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for my answered prayer. In Your mighty name I have prayed. Amen.

Jesus sees the heart and if your heart has genuinely invited Him today, He will surely come with the Holy Spirit of the Father together as One and only Triune God and make His abode in you. The world will try you left right and centre as a follower of Christ (John 16:33). The devil as a desperate stubborn goat will try and use every trick in his magic book of deception to lure you out of dominion of light back into his prison domain of darkness. But remember, as long as you remain in oneness with Christ, you will remain a winner and a champion of life in all circumstances and situations. Remain in steadfast walk with Christ from beginning to the end and don't give the flesh a chance because the works of the flesh produces nothing but an outcome of death for the soul!

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." ~John 14:6

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." ~John 8:32

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?"

~ John 11:25-26

(Excerpts from Pastor Olabisi's Manuscript entitled --- 'Whose Side Are You On'.

The Head Way

The Head Way

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A human 'body' is incapable of functioning independently of the head. The head has; two eyes which gives vision to the body, two ears, which signals sound to the body, two nostrils, which serves as the air passage for the body and one mouth which is the food entrance for the body.

The Wages of Sin Is Death

The Wages of Sin Is Death

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Any message that is not from the one and only true God can only create a mess! The true God is not about religion. He is all about saving mankind from the sinful covenant man acquiesced into through the falling into sin of the first man Adam, and the consequences of sins, which is eternal death.


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sycqThis book is the story about a pastor who having tried for many years to build his congregation size without achieving his anticipated success, decided one day to quit being a pastor. But to his incredible surprise on the day before he was meant to announce his resignation, he had a riveting encounter with God. As a result, he realised the importance of carrying on fulfilling God’s purpose for his life and not quitting. Son, you Can’t Quit is a story every true believer will find both inspiring and encouraging.

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